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The Ultimate Guide to Recovering Data on Smartphones

You may have had important information on your phone which you lost. Don’t fret, there’s a number of ways you can recover it. Read ahead to find out what they are.

Recycle Bin

The files you deleted may be in the recycle bin. Just like on computers, Android handsets have recycling bins too. Depending on the brand of phone you own, how easy it would be to find the bin would differ, though.

On Samsung phones, once you delete pictures, you can click on the menu in the Pictures or Albums tab – an option would pop up asking you whether you’d like to open the recycle bin. You can then easily recover information.


If the files have been deleted from the bin, it’s not the end of the road. You can still find what was deleted via Cloud back-ups. Android devices back-up automatically if you enabled this feature.

If you’re worried about the information getting deleted from the cloud, you can purchase packages that would expand its storage.


Just like whatever is on your handset would automatically be backed-up to Google Drive, conversations and files would be backed up on WhatsApp. The app would ask you when you want information synced to its cloud. And at that time every day, data would be synced.

If you delete the app and reinstall it again, a pop-up would appear asking you whether you’d like to recover information or not.

Did you delete photos before WhatsApp could store it? Hope is not lost. The application stores data in its Media Folder. Head to the WhatsApp Media Folder on your phone and take a look.

Physical Losses

There are two main types of data loss in smartphones. They are logical and physical. Logical losses take place when you accidentally delete information yourself. Physical ones happen when something malfunctions inside of your phone, causing data to be lost.

You’ll need to get hold of a professional if the loss was physical. There are thankfully many services offering Android Data recovery, so you don’t have to look far.

Third-party Software

There is countless software you could download that would attempt to recover data. As there are so many, some work better than others. Know that you’d have to pay for these tools. The more acclaimed options can be quite pricey.

They’d work by looking for alternate locations for files. You should limit the time you spend on your phone when letting the tool do its job; you’d reduce the chances of overriding the data that you’ve deleted.

Final Thoughts

There are a number of ways you can recover data on smartphones. If you’ve enabled the feature, files would automatically be stored in Google Drive. Information might automatically be stored on WhatsApp too. But this depends on whether you’ve enabled syncing the app to its cloud or not. If a malfunctioning inside your handset caused the information to be lost, don’t fear. You can get an expert to help.

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