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Smoke Alarm Systems – Here’s Why You Need Them in Your Home

The first line of defense to protecting yourself and your family from a house fire is being prepared for one. An early alert will mean you and your family will have enough time to get out of the house in time to safety, given enough time to possibly bring the fire or the potential fire under control or if needed enough time for firefighters to respond before there is major damage done to the house.

Installing a smoke alarm system should not be a random decision attended to in haste for the sake of installing a system. For comprehensive protection, installation needs to be thought through carefully and guidelines for placement followed. It is best to have someone experienced like electrician Maroubra attend the installation.

There are several types of smoke alarm systems to choose from heat, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors combination systems that detect both smoke and carbon monoxide and systems that are battery operated or hardwired. It’s best to discuss your requirements with an expert before deciding on a system for your home.

Placement is an important consideration for smoke alarms. There are stipulated guidelines for the placement of the units. Apart from installing the alarms high up on the walls or ceiling (because smoke rises) in every room including basements and attics, they need to be placed a certain number of feet away from cooking appliances to minimize false alarms. It is also recommended they be installed away from ventilation points and fans to ensure proper functioning.

The most important benefit of a smoke alarm system is that it alerts you to smoke before a full-blown fire erupts. Smoke inhalation can potentially kill you unless you escape the room quickly. Often death occurs due to smoke inhalation rather than fire burns. Knowing that the system is working while you sleep can give you peace of mind as it takes time for someone asleep to realize there is a fire in the house which cuts down on response time to escape the fire and for firefighters to arrive.

Another advantage of a smoke alarm system is the early detection of a fire. Early detection is your best insurance against major damage or the destruction of your home. Detecting a fire early also means you have enough time to save yourself and your family and to alert the fire department for help. With a smoke alarm system, your home is monitored 24×7 round the clock.

While not directly related to the safety of your family and your home, the ability to apply for a discount on your home insurance premium is a sub-advantage. Ask your insurer if they offer a discount for installing a fire alarm system because with an alarm the possibility of saving a house from major damage or destruction increases which have implications for insurance claim payouts and demonstrate your level of responsibility to take preemptive action against any damage to the house.

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