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Importance of Natural Light in Office Spaces.

Have you ever walked into a room that was so dim and dreary that you automatically wanted to turn around and leave? The simple fact of the matter is that people pay so much attention to interior décor that they forget to pay attention to the one thing that matters more than everything else. Fantastic, warm, plush lighting that caresses the furniture, machinery, and people within the room, gently inviting visitors and inducing a desire in its occupants to stay. Maybe we’re being a touch too romantic, but good lighting does truly have a huge variety of advantages that will cause you to think twice about installing cheap fluorescent ones at your office and consider putting in some gorgeous skylights instead.

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Health and productivity skyrockets with Natural light

If you’ve done a bit of reading into why you aren’t supposed to use phones before you go to sleep, you would know that sterile office light is terrible for the circadian rhythm. It looks terrible too. What you really want Is natural light. Why? Because studies show that natural light actually increases employee satisfaction and productivity. It improves productivity simply because the body is better able to regulate its circadian rhythm. A vital component of the body’s productivity factor. You can’t work hard when you feel sleepy can you? White light found in most offices are also uninviting and look sterile. Probably two adjectives you would only want to describe a prison hospital.

With natural light, your employees will enjoy a myriad of benefits such as, more eye comfort, less headaches, better mood, alertness, and increased attention span. All benefits that an employer dreams of. Natural light is also incredibly cost efficient. The initial cost may be reasonably high, but you will begin to reap the benefits almost immediately because natural lighting will act as a substitute for artificial light during daytime reducing your utility bill. In addition, the environmentally conscious ones in the cadre will also likely appreciate it.

Best strategies for Lighting your office space.

So, do you want to include some natural lighting in your office? Excellent choice. Let’s talk about a few principles that you can follow to get the most of this intention.

Identify the heavily used areas and prioritize natural light

It’s pretty obvious that you’d want to prioritize the places that get the most traffic and that see the most productive work done. This means that natural light needs to be overhead the primary office space and workstations. This can mean windows or glass panels if the office is primarily closed office based, and it can mean skylights if your office uses an open layout.

Diffused light is king

Start considering frosted glass, and diffuser screens because natural light isn’t sharp like artificial light is. It is softer and more pleasant and doesn’t create sharp shadows. Diffused light in the more restricted closed off areas of the office is the way to go in addition to skylights in the more open areas of the office space.

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