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Should You Buy a Surfboard Bag or Surfboard Sock?

What Is the Difference?

Your surfboard is your number one piece of equipment to ride those waves, it is therefore imperative that you find a way to protect your surfboard en route to all your surfing holidays and walks to the beach. A surfboard cover in whatever form or fashion will protect it from the elements, particularly the sun, which can turn your fibreglass or epoxy surfboard brittle and cause it to fade over time. A cover will prevent dings and protect it against dust, sand and scratches and help extend the life and colour of your surfboard allowing you to use it for a long time.

Once you have convinced yourself you need a surfboard cover the next important decision is to choose between a surfboard sock and a surfboard bag. The decision is dependent on several variables that you should be considering before you make your purchase.

Surfboard Sock

A surfboard sock also known as a stretch cover is a basic form of protection for your surfboard, mainly to protect it from the sun while on your surfing holiday and dust when storing it at home during the off-season. The pros are that it is lightweight and stylish with many sizes and designs available to suit your board size and personal design preference. A sock is also cheaper than a regular surfboard bag which makes it appealing.

However, except for its utility value of protecting the surfboard, a sock is different to a bag in every other way. Importantly, on the side of cons, a surfboard sock cannot provide the all-around protection a surfboard bag can provide. So, while it provides adequate protection as a ‘cover’ it doesn’t do a good job at protecting your surfboard from damage that can be caused while transporting the board. Because a sock is made of lightweight material it is thin and can be difficult to get on and off the board. Socks also tend to stick to the wax on the surfboard.

Surfboard Bag

A surfboard bag compared to a sock offers a much higher level of protection for your board. There is also the shoulder strap (not available with a sock) which makes it easy to carry. There are three types of bags to choose from depending on where you want to carry your surfboard and how you plan to transport it. The day bag, by far the most popular is a good choice because of the padding that provides a high level of protection and the full-length zip makes it easy to use.

Day bags are usually made of reflective material to keep the surfboard cool preventing sun damage over time. However, the padding is not adequate when packing it on a plane or transporting the board long distance, for this. You will require a travel bag with added padding for greater protection or the third type, a coffin bag that can store as many as 4 boards in one case and provide the ultimate protection and convenience for your board when travelling overseas.

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