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Environmentally Friendly Product Packaging Options

Sustainability is a concept that is adopted by many businesses. A large percentage of consumers are now concerned about the impact of their shopping habits on the environment and they increasingly look for businesses that provide eco-friendly options when it comes to their products. And one aspect of increasing the sustainability of a business is looking at how the packaging of the products is done.

By choosing eco-friendly product packaging options, you are lessening the impact of your operations on the planet. There are so many materials that can damage the environment. While the packaging of a business is crucial for branding, once it reaches the customer, the customer will immediately discard it which will then become an issue for the environment. This has prompted businesses to choose alternative materials for packing. For example, where Styrofoam was used previously for loose-fill packaging, it has now been largely replaced by biodegradable packing peanuts. Styrofoam cannot be recycled easily and it can have a lot of harmful effects once it is deposited in waterways. It was used to protect fragile items by keeping them firmly in place inside a box to restrict movement. It also provided cushioning. All of this can be achieved by biodegradable air peanuts. They are also a lot cheaper than Styrofoam which is another plus.

There are inflatable air pillows that can be used as an alternative for Styrofoam as well. You can decide the size of the air pillows based on the area that they should fill. Because these bags are filled with air, you are cutting down a lot of materials. The amount of plastic used is very much minimised. And the good thing is that they can be reused and recycled as well. You will also be able to find biodegradable inflatable air pillows. Bubble wrap packaging is something that we are all familiar with. But because it is plastic based, it is not very eco-friendly. There are many alternatives being used in place of bubble wrap for this reason. One such option is using corrugated cardboard as a cushioning agent. There is a series of cuts made on the cardboard which allows it to act like bubble wrap and provide protection to the contents within.

Cardboard boxes have been used for a long time to pack items and they are still used today. Cardboard is made out of organic materials such as paper so they have a low impact on the environment. However, you need to consider how this paper is sourced; if they are sourced by illegal cutting of trees or by other unsustainable means, it will still have a harmful effect on the environment. The reason that cardboard is preferred by many businesses is that it can be recycled and you can easily print on them to create branding for the product. You may have seen many corrugated boxes that are used as packaging. This is both aesthetically pleasing and good for the environment. There are also corn starch and mushroom packaging that you can consider. Corn starch can replace most plastic packing materials because of its ability to be moulded. And mushroom packaging is actually sourced from agricultural waste which can also be moulded to any shape.

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